Our purpose is pretty ambitious.

To build a community of great allies. People that can effortlessly work together with a big smile on their face and a song in their heart. The kind of people that have your back and know in their gut that you have theirs. A network of teams that build truly awesome lives and whatever else they want to build. And we mean ANYTHING! If a group of tiny ants can build huge ant hills and one little ant can “move a rubber tree plant”…… OK, I got a little carried away with that but you get the picture. We can do wonderful things with the right teams. We know that great allies can’t be the lazy grasshopper though . These Allies are going to have to become hard working like the Ants.

We need Allyants!

We need a few more things to achieve this. A great plan and fantastic organization. This is what we will work on here at The Allyants going forward. Please be our Allies and help us.

We are writing a ToDo list of problems we want to solve. Post comments if you have any thoughts on the subject or answers that work for you.