What is your Allyants Purpose?

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Since traditional alliances are formed for specific purposes, it makes sense that our Allyants too should be created for a purpose. Mission statements are supposed to explain the purpose of a business entity. I’ve always found most of them humorous because the founders seemed to think a little too long on eloquent, meaningful words when the majority of them could just read “Make a lot of money”. For some reason though, society would probably look down on those mission statements but I personally would appreciate the honesty. So what if that was their purpose, it’s a good purpose. But what if a man is creating his own Allyants? Or a family is creating a Family Allyants. What is that alliance’s specific purpose to exist? This is where things could get complicated but shouldn’t. To sit down and dream up a clever accurate purpose before starting to work in your Allyants would be equal to dreaming up the clever mission statement of a business. In the end, it would be inaccurate or maybe even a lie. Since a purpose for one’s life is so vast, it probably needs more than a sentence, paragraph or even a book. I would say that it needs a massive library archive. A simple “To be happy” may seem to sum up a lot of people’s life’s mission but that would be like my comment that businesses are created to “make money”. While true, it also doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Humans have searched for purpose throughout most of our existence. So it won’t be explained here in a few words, but for me, it’s a start. When The Allyants is done, it will be our personal archive, where day by day we can write our personal purpose. It’s the most important story ever told. I personally would love to read my family’s “real” story. Imagine the morning Pearl Harbor was attacked. My father’s Allyants may have read……. December 7th, 1941. ToDos: “Milk cows”, “Fix barn door” ……………..Wants: “Take Annie fishing at creek”, “Go see Tarzan movie”

By the end of the week it read: “Enlist into the US Army”

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