Life Editor not wanted

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Something interesting caught my attention recently. It had to do with my writing contribution to this blog. The fact that a lot of books and articles are not the author’s words and true thoughts was not information archived in my brain.  If I would have paid more attention in English/literature classes, I may not have needed this recent revelation. The author’s words were altered by others who came between the author and the reader to correct the “mistakes”. I’m not suggesting leaving the misspelled words or even pointing out a hard to read sentence. I’m talking about the actual words being replaced so that in the end, it’s a different story and the writer is actually reading something they don’t even recognize. Even though I don’t want to come off as an uneducated buffoon or end up with no readers, I’m starting to feel that maybe I need to leave some of the “mistakes”. The argument will be: “What if you come off as less polished than a professional writer or avid reader thinks you should be”? I don’t know,  “What if?”. But what real harm comes if I use bad grammar or use too much………….. “Um”,……. punctuations?  If this is who I am at this particular moment in time and this is the writing I produce, shouldn’t that be the finished product? Should each of us surrender to the image that others want us to look and sound like? I guess that answer is up to each of us individually and whether we need someone to buy what we’re selling. For me though, I think I’ll just keep being me for a little longer. Maybe I just want to be that child running home to post up “My creation”, as is, on the refrigerator. Embracing that feeling as long as I can even though someday I may be amused or even embarrassed that I colored out of the lines.  (The previous line is a fragmented sentence……consider revising)

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