Get Your Oxygen First

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I remember my first time on a plane when the flight attendants did their pre-flight demonstration. Since it was my first flight, I actually paid full attention. The part about when the oxygen masks dropping down caught me by surprise. When she said that everyone needs to first put the mask on themselves before the children I corrected her in my mind thinking there was a mistake. Then I realized she was right. If the parent passed out, then the children would be on their own and potentially unable to save themselves let alone adults.

I’ve had the experience countless times when I see others put their friends, family, children, and even strangers first in situations that might have turned out better if they would have just “Put the oxygen on themselves first”. One example in our family is when my kids were little and we didn’t have very much money. Toys would slowly disappear throughout the year so that on Christmas morning there would magically be many gifts under the tree! Before you judge me to harshly, keep in mind I kept the boxes they came in so everything looked brand new. A real class act! It worked for quite a few years, but alas all good scams come to an end. Moral of the story is that I prioritized, got my oxygen and then help secure our family for other situations down the road. It would have felt better to give the kids first but that would have hurt everyone in the long run.

How many families end up going downhill because parents do not strengthen themselves first before giving into luxuries for their children, friends, and others in their lives? I have a friend that once told me:

“We all have a full cup to give from, but if we aren’t careful to fill that cup from time to time, it will run empty”. 

Your oxygen mask is right there…take a deep breath and then go take care of the others.

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