Family Allegiance

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Did you ever wonder why people make allegiances? My sister once said something to me that I thought was silly …“What is family anyway?” I thought it was a silly comment because everyone knows the word family. I’m not going to do any actual research on this but I would bet a translation of “family” is in every single language on earth. There are a lot of definitions; there is the Nucleus Family with a mother, father, and children, the Mafia-style Godfather families, there’s even the Modern Family! I wasn’t sure where my own family fit in the mix, but I do know that I’m no Al Pacino. I’ve seen so many families fall apart over the years that I became concerned about the fate of mine even though it is going great at the moment.

Twenty-two years ago, my wife and I stood together and committed ourselves to each other in front of almost everyone we knew. At the time, I honestly didn’t put too much thought into the word alliance, but after all this time later we’re still together and working on that same allegiance to one another.  We made a formal alliance between us with an actual document and some gold rings. From what I’ve learned on the subject, I believe the secret sauce to any successful alliance is making a true commitment. No commitment, no alliance.

This made me realize that we never make formal commitments with our parents, siblings, or children. After mentioning this, my comical son immediately grabbed a knife and said “Let do this…blood brothers forever!” Although I’m not looking to draw blood from my friends and family it did bring up some interesting feelings in me. What commitment are we willing to make with our parents? What do we expect from our siblings or children? Is just being born into a family enough of a bond to truly unite us? Considering how many families we have seen deteriorate, leading us to logically conclude that the blood bond doesn’t hold much weight. I don’t know yet what type of commitment to each other would unite my family to last the test of time, but I’m determined to find out!

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